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of Flavor and Health


Having your own personal chef

By having your own personal chef you will have a number of advantages for an adequate diet, the personal chef will follow the rules for the preparation and sanitation of food, you will be able to see all the preparation, the experience is personalized, you will have the advantage of choosing the menu, Diet restrictions will be considered, the ingredients are the freshest, the customer’s home is used to make the preparations, and he makes sure to leave the kitchen clean and disinfected.

Please contact chef JD. for more details about long-distance on-location service.

Food Delivery Menu

In the food delivery menu, you will find a varied menu in which there is food: BBQ, Costa Rican, Mexican and Asian. The menu is ordered at least one day in advance and can be adjusted if necessary to the client’s taste or a nutritional restriction

Please contact chef JD. for more details about long-distance delivery.

Real People’s Testimonials

This Chef is amazing. Really knows how to flavor food and the BBQ was so good. Cooked perfectly. Highly recommend using him to anyone!!!

Mike B.

Hacienda Atenas. CR

I loved everything. Didn’t expect so much variety of food, Falafel and Hummus better than what I had in Middle Eastern, Thai, and Authentic Costa Rican food from one chef. This guy can cook anything. Thanks a lot!  The Moroccan Cigars are amazing, by the way…

Sharon A.


One of the best meals I’ve had for years now… The food was very fresh cooked perfectly and the Chef was so much fun to have here. Highly recommended.

Brian A.


About the Chef

I consider myself a person who loves food in general and I try to give them the value and respect they deserve, consequently I studied culinary arts and food technology in Costa Rica, I have worked for the hotel industry for several years and I am passionate about cooking for people, I consider myself as a dynamic person who likes to explore new flavors and be creative in the kitchen, pampering people and transmitting happiness through food is one of my main objectives and I always give my best so that the customer is satisfied

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